Africa: Mauritius: Mauritian Chai Tiramisu with Vanilla & Pistachio

Africa: Mauritius: Mauritian Chai Tiramisu with Vanilla & Pistachio



5 Egg Yolk medium

750 grams Mascarpone Cheese

Chai Masala Tea (can be found in any Asian supermarket)

200 ml Hot Water

75 ml Mauritian Spiced Rum

1 Vanilla Pods (Nielsen-Massey) de seeded

200 grams Italian Savoiardi Sponge Fingers

100 grams Cocoa Powder good quality, dark

100 grams Pistachio Nuts crushed

Substitute alcohol with Apple juice



Brew 3 chai tea bags with 200 ml of hot water and allow to steep for around 5 minutes, then remove the tea bag and add the rum. Place this in a bowl and set to one side.

Using a hand-held mixer, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla seeds together for about 10 minutes until the mixture has at least tripled in size and should be a very pale yellow and really aerated, then slowly fold in the mascarpone cheese.

To assemble the tiramisu – dip each sponge finger in the chai and rum mixture and place in the bottom of a glass trifle dish, continue this until you have covered the base.

Next spread a layer of the whipped vanilla egg mixture and then dust with cocoa powder and crushed pistachios.

Continue layering the sponge fingers and whipped egg mixture until you have created around 2-3 layers.

Place in the fridge and allow to set for a few hours before serving.

Finally dust with cocoa powder and sprinkle over some crushed pistachios.

Substitute – Use double whipping cream instead of egg yolks if you are making this for a pregnant lady or if you prefer cream.

N.B. You can add the vanilla pod to your golden caster sugar to create a vanilla sugar.

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