Asia: Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani or Azeri Chicken Stew

Asia: Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani or Azeri Chicken Stew



200 g chicken thighs (minced)
1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
2 clove garlic (minced)
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp spice powder mix (2 cloves, 1/2 inch Cinnamon, 2-3 black peppercorns, 1 green cardamom, 1/2 star anise)
1 tbsp Mint (chopped)
1 tsp Chives (chopped)
1 tsp sorrel (chopped)
1 tsp tomato puree
2 tbsp green peas (fresh/frozen)
1 tender Carrot (cubed)
2 pieces Pumpkin (2 inch sized)
4-5 Baby Potatoes
2-3 Baby Onions
1 tsp white pepper powder
1/2 tsp Kosher Salt
200 ml water
2 tbsp Milk
1 tsp Butter
6 Raisins
3 Almonds
1 Prune
1 Non stick flat bottom Saucepan/Soup couldron with Glass Lid
1 wooden Ladle
1 deep porcelain bowl
1 quarter plate (microwave safe) OPTIONAL
1 microwave oven (OPTIONAL)
Paper Napkins and towels



Mix all the ingredients of Chicken Meat Balls and set aside for 10 minutes.

Microwave Method: In a microsafe dish, make 1.5 inch sized balls and microwave for 1minute 30 seconds on full power. The balls will be cooked and excess fluids will ooze out.

Flame Method: In a nonstick sauce pan place the 1.5 inch sized balls and cover it till the balls are cooked and excess water oozes out. Remove the balls and water seperately in a plate and use the saucepan with the flow of recipe.

Heat saucepan/soup couldron over medium flame, analyse using palms to feel the vessel heat. Add butter, salt, vegetables, saute it lightly for few minutes.

Add Almonds, Raisins, Prune, water, milk, pepper, salt and the oozed chicken meatball’s water and seer it on low flame with cover for 12-15 minutes till the vegetables gets soft and the water reduces to half.

Add the chicken meatballs and check the seasoning by tasting it. If needed add more seasoning as per taste.

Serve this Eurasian Delight Hot with local multigrain bread or eat as it is. Bon Apetit

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